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Bianca Howard – Owner of SLINX

Bianca started her business in early 2008, focusing on Interior design, creative concepts and developing theme/branding  ideas for all businesses ,retail, residential homes, and events.

One of Bianca’s greatest assets is her creative flair and optimism, coupled with the ability to envision and empower the future. She takes on any project that inspires the need to be creative, innovative, effective and practical. She has the ability to visualize any space in 3D , as her intuitive ability provides her the opportunity to not only tune into the needs of what the clients desire but the ability to see the visual project, idea , or object in her mind.

Her philosophy is very simple, “It’s about creating a calm peaceful environment that creates harmony within, thus reflecting that into your space. How people feel in a space is as important as the way it looks, one can't exist without the other to succeed, and to succeed there must be balance.” Her creativity is the very life-force that drives her. She has the knack to achieve whatever she sets out to do. She is a firm believer that we create our own destinies and our lives are determined by what we do and the thoughts we project.


· Conceptualizing -Concepts and Design
· Interior Decorating and Design
· Designing of - Furniture, Events, Weddings and Exhibition Stands

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